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Asphalt & Blacktop Paving

We use the Leeboy 8500 Elite III with the capability of paving up to 15 feet per pass!

8500-eliteIIIOur asphalt paver has a Topcon laser controlled automation, offering you the highest standards and a superior job.

The paver provides the operator with complete electric over hydraulic control–eliminating cables–of all paving functions from the right or left sides of the paver. It also gives the operator the choice of quickly and easily converting from high-deck to low-deck profile. High-deck configuration is available for long, continuous paving while the low-deck configuration is for tight, detailed paving.

The unit also features easily adjustable hydraulic screed extensions, unique to the company’s heated and vibrating Legend Screed System, that are mounted in front of the main screed. Its under-auger cut-off plates make for clean starts and stops.



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